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Karavision Karaoke
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KAravision Console3

Karavision Features:

PBC menu:

It is recorded in VCD 2.0 disc, showing the content of the disc and convenient for customers to look up program.


Disc is CD including image information. Image is information about songs. For example: lyric, photo or character.

VCD disc version

Version: the moving image and music
Version: the high definition still with PBC function

MP3 disc

Adopting the third audio frequency high compression of MPEG-I echo performance of high quality audio.

Super VCD

Combining the strongpoint of DVD and VCD. It not only has echo performance of high quality audio but also cheap price and abounding program.


Midi is the initial letter of Music Instrument Digital Interface. Midi DVD is a disc with music file of recorded midi format or video file with other format which can be played in equipment with normal midi connector.

MPEG4 or MP4

Disc is disc with mpeg4 protocol. MPEG4 is compress standard, image quality near DVD disc, sound quality near CD disc.

DVD Disc

DVD is initial letter of Digital Video Disc. It contains two hours’ movie and music with eight swing and record 32 kinds of language. With MPEG-II film zip and digital stereo effect function, the user can enjoy high quality image and good acoustics at home.

Karavision Front Features

Karavision Karaoke Front Console

  1. Power
  2. MIC 1 Jack
  3. MIC 2 Jack
  4. MIC volume
  5. MIC echo
  6. Display window
  7. Remote signal sensor
  8. Number button
  9. Fast reverse button
  10. R/L channel button

11. Fast forward button
12. Cancel button
13. Program button
14. Play/Pause button
15. Stop button
16. Open/Close button
17. Disc tray

Karavision Back Features
Karavision Console2
  1. Video output
  2. Score in
  3. Left audio output
  4. Right audio output
  5. 5.1 audio output

6. S-Video output
7. Coaxial number output
8. Remote receiver
9. VGA output
10. Power in


Karavision Specifications

Audio Specifications
  Output Voltage(V) 2.0(+0.2-1.0)
  Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB
  Signal/Noise Ratio(dB) >80
  Dynamic Range >70(1kHz)
  Distortion and Noise <-60(1kHz)
  Channel Separation(dB) >70(1kHz)
Video Specifications
  Horizontal Definition(TV line) >250
  Video Out Vp-p(V) 1.0 +/- 0.2
  Output Impedance 75
General Specifications
  Power Requirements 90-250V~50/60Hz
  Power Consumption <25W
  Dimensions 430(L) x 320(W) x 50(H)
  Weight 2.5Kg