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Karavision DMD7000+
The Karavision Multi DVD Karaoke Player comes with 12,500+ song's
and 200 MTV's and live concert videos. Includes latest hit songs for
2011 and latest OPM and foreign karaoke and mtv's.

Php 4,500 - Karavision Karaoke DMD7000+ plus

Karavision recently released its newest portable home karaoke machine the DMD7000+ plus model. This model is thicker than the previous model, designed for its durability and better heat circulation. The Dmd7000 model can be used for days wihout any overheating issues. This is the same model used for coin operated karaoke machines.

The DMD7000 roughly weighs 2.5 kilos, it comes with the 2 Original Karavision microphones. 1 magic sing remote microphone where you can choose your favorite song directly from the microphone. Cue followign songs even without ther remote controller and sign at the same time. Equipped with a USB slot the DMD7000 can also play Mp3's, DIVx Videos, MPEG and AVI video and Images.

KAravision DMD8800
Whats included in the promo package?
1 Karaoke Unit - Karavision DMD7000+
1 Original Karavision standard microphone
1 Original Karavision MAGIC SING REMOTE Microphone
    ( select song from the remote controller / has song number buttons)
1 RCA Audio Video Cables
1 DVD Remote Control
1 User Manual / Warranty Card
1 Songbook with latest song listing and 200 MTV live concert videos
1 Latest song karaoke DVD w/ multilple backgrounds

What Can the Multi DVD Player do?

Multi DVD player and karaoke machine plays ff :
1. Karavision karaoke DVD disk for videoke 
2. Downloaded movies or mp3 via USB port
3. Pirated or original DVD for movies, series, concerts

Karavision DMD7000 inputs and outputs
Aside from its Karaoke function the Karavision Karaoke is also multi-DVD player. It can play CDs, DVDs, DVDR, CDRW, CDR, VCD, Audio CD, mp3 cd, MP4 cd. It also plays region free dvd's pirated and original. Has a built in USB at the back and now plays MPEG4 DIVx videos downloaded from the internet. Volume and echo control knobs are also located in the front of the player. It has 2 microphone input infront. At the back inputs are RCA left and right, 5.1 surround output, S-Video and VGA. Karavision units have VGA out which can be hooked up to LCD screens Plasma TV's.

Other DMD7000 Karavision  features:

Better Sound Processing and Sound Quality Output than other karaoke machines
No audio lag or delay when singing / correct audio timing for Karaoke s
Better song name or artist searching via remote menu 
MP4 / Now plays DIVx video for internet downloaded videos
DTS sound ready 5.1 Surround capability
Auto-Volt Operation - 90V to 250V
True Region Free DVD Player plus NTSC-PAL Switchable
6.1 Channel Surround Sound Ready
Digital Coax, S-Video and VGA Video Outputs
Reads and Plays All sorts of Discs! Even Pirated CD's 

Karavision DMD7000+ media formats:
Fully compatible with: DVD, DVD-R, SVCD, VCD, Audio-CD, CD-RW, CD-R, MP3DVD Functions include VTR/VCD and DVD Zoom-In Functions is 1:1 2x 4x TV screen mode output: 4:3 or 16:9 Adjustable Echo, Tempo, Mic Volume, Music Volume, Melody Volume, Key/Pitch Autovolt 110 /220 volts.

Karavision Karaoke WarrantyKaravision DMD7000+ warranty:
We offer the longest warranty compared to any other distributors of KARAVISION in the Philippines, 6 months replacement, 1 year warranty on parts and service. No questions asked replacement as long as the item is not tampered and seal is 100% intact and unit is still in pristine condition.

Courier delivery and payment:
Shipping is (Nationwide) via LBC Door to Door , JRS Express, AIR21 and LBC. 
Buyer pays for the courier fees, txt or email me your address so courier can 
quote shipping rate to your locatio. Delivery time is usaly 2 to 3 working days. 
Payment Thru: Bank Deposit (BPI) / LBC Pera Padala / MLHULLIER Kwarta padala

Meetups and personal delivery:
We also provide meetup's and home delivery if within Q.C and Manila area.
(depending on location and delivery time and date availability ) Additional
Php 300 for delivery fee for parking and gas.

Optional accessories :

Additional original MIDI Disc - Php 500.00
Additional songbook - Php 600.00
Additional Standard Microphone - Php 400.00
Wireless Mic transmitter and 1 pc microphone - Php 750 .00
Additional backup remote Control - Php 750.00

Having doubts doing online purchase?

You can check our 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACKS at EBAY.PH, sold more than 150+ units online. 76 positive feedbacks with 0% negative feedback.

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Karavision Song DVD Update:
Dec update: 12,481 songs
Karavision CD update for you DMD7000, DMD8800, DMD 668 and KS808 Pro.

Karavision DMD7000: ( in stock )
Karavision DMD 7000+
now with 12,481 songs

Karavision Models: ( not available )
Karavision Ks808 pro
K aravision DMD 8800+

Karavision DMD3000+
Karavision DMD668
Karavision DMD888

( following models are phased out - replaced with DMD7000 model and Ks 808 Pro model )

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many songs are included?
A. Karavision Multi DVD Karaoke player comes players comes with 12,481+ english and OPM Karaoke song, plus 200 live concerts and mtv videos. The Songs are loaded from a dual layer DVD 9 Disk, the karaoke song cd is updated regularly every 3 -4 months with 300-500 songs additions per update.

 Q. Does it have scoring and background?
 A. Yes it has a built in voice scoring system same as magic sings. The karaoke video background can either be in sexy bikini or sceneriesfor the Dmd7000+ model. For the ks808 the disk has multiple backgrounds in one dvd.

Q. How do i get the Karaoke CD updates?
 A. Initial Karavision package comes with the latest Karavision song cd update disk. Future updates can be sent to you via courrier delivered door to door to your home.

Q. Does it play other medias?
A. Yes, Karavision is not only a Karaoke player, it is also a multi DVD player. It plays pirated DVD's, multi region DVD's, MP3 CD's, CDR's , CDRw, Audio CD, MPEG etc. Downloaded videos from the internet. can also be played via USB.

Q. What about the quality ?
 A. Karavision Karaoke is manufactured in Shenzen China. Quality has passed International ISO standards unlike other cheap karaoke dvd players. Karavision lifespan is 2-5 years depending on usage. It is currently the best mid level priced karaoke machine in the market. Sound quality is the same as Platinum and Magic Sing Karaoke machines.

Q. How long is the warranty?
 A. Other distributors offer 3 and 6 months warranty. With us our Karavision warranty is 6 months replacement for factory defects and 1 year parts and service. We offer the longest warranty compared to any other distributor. All our units are brand new and comes ready to sing songbook and microphones.

Q. How many microphones do i get?
 All our packages has a standard of 2 microphones. KS808 pro package comes with 2 wired microphones. The DMD8800 however comes with 1 standard mic and 1 Karavision Magic Sing Remote Mic with built in buttons for songs selection plus a standard microphone.
Q. How do i purchse a karavision ?
A. You can bid on ebay.ph or you can contact me directly via email or mobile.
Item can also be shipped via courrier door to door delivery to your home.

Q. Payment Meathod?
A. Payment is made by bank deposit  to my BPI family Bank account or BPI main account. Item will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed. It usualy takes 2-4 days to deliver depending on location. Door to door delivery via courrier of your choice.

Q. Is it safe that i am paying in advance?
A. Yes it is, bank deposit is the safest mode of payment. It is even safer than G-Cash or Money Transfer. Banks require 3 Valid ID's for verification, you can easily trace the Sellers address and location if paying through the bank. The bank will also issue a receipt to you which will function as your proof of payment.

Q. Delivery Assurance? will i get my item after i pay for it?

A. Yes indeed! You can check our 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACKS EBAY.PH, we have sold more than 150+ units online. Check out our 76 positive feedbacks with 0% negative feedback.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, we accept visa mastercard using Pay Pal's secure system. Confirm your order via email and we will send you a a payment request email. You will need create a Pay Pal account which will take less than 5 minutes.

It takes 3-5 for the money to transfer from your creditcard to my bank account. After confirmation by the bank and Pay Pal item will be shipped. Pay pal purchases is one of the safest mode of secure payments.

Q. I'm ready to buy now? What do i do?
A. Click on the order now icon above and send me a message to purchase.

You can also bid on the Karavision item on my ebay.ph page so that you can leave feedbacks after the sale.

Pay for it via BPI bank deposit and email or sms me for confirmation. Item will be shipped asap as soon as your payment is confirmed by the bank. It usualy takes 1-3 days delivery.